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Our 2-year-old funded classroom opened in 2015 and has become extremely popular. Families that are eligible for Two-year-old funding can access either a morning session (8.30am - 11.30am) or an afternoon session (12.30pm - 3.30pm). We currently have up to 16 children in each session.


How will my child spend their day in Nursery?

In Nursery the school day consists of adult directed and child initiated activities.  Much of the learning is play based, allowing children greater independence in their learning.  At McMillan, we plan activities that: “…encourage play that is emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially challenging…Exploring and experimenting through play can help children make sense of their experiences and develop understanding of these events.” (Foundation Stage Curriculum Guidance, Planning for Learning)

 In the EYFS setting at McMillan Early Childhood Centre we believe play is imperative to good learning.  

Learning is developed best when children are enabled by a rich continuous environment both indoors and outdoors, which is zoned to encourage and foster good quality learning which aids creative and critical thinking. 

 Teachers and Early Years Practitioners use their observations to plan and provide experiences to foster learning, in both adult led activities as well as enriching the environment, to scaffold children’s play.  These activities are designed to engage children in practical first-hand experiences, which will support children to discover, explore, investigate and develop their personal interests and areas of curiosity.  This will help them to make sense of the world around them as they begin to understand specific concepts.  

 Play opportunities are also set up to provide children with opportunities to apply newly acquired knowledge, demonstrating their skills and level of understanding.                

In providing these active learning opportunities through play we understand the central position of play within the EYFS framework. This is essentially a play based curriculum and pedagogy as the provision of play opportunities underpins its delivery within settings.


McMillan Early Childhood Centre Session Overview:

  • A member of staff will open the Nursery door, welcoming your child into Nursery
  • Class register and child-initiated activity
  • Adult initiated activity- Phonics, Maths or Literacy
  • Child-initiated and Key person time, both indoors and outside, snack time (choice of fruit / vegetable snacks and milk / water)
  • Adult initiated activity- Phonics, Maths or Literacy
  • Story Time and songs
  • Home Time

We operate a free-flow provision which means the children have access to all areas inside the Nursery at most times.  We use the Nursery outside area every day, whatever the weather, to support our learning across the curriculum – please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather (see below).

To make the most of our fantastic outdoor classroom please make sure your child brings in the following:

  • Supportive shoes- which your child can put on by him/herself
  • For rainy days – wellington boots and raincoat
  • For cold days – a suitable warm coat, scarf, hat and gloves
  • For hot, sunny days – a sun hat, apply sun cream if needed before coming to Nursery
  • Spare clothes- in case they are needed following water play or accidents.
  • Nappies and wipes if required
  • Children are permitted to wear a single stud earring. No other jewellery should be worn at school for safety reasons.

What is a Key Person?

Your child’s Key Person will be either their Class Teacher or Early Years Practioner. We use the Key Person system to make sure that all the children have at least one adult within the setting that they feel really comfortable and confident around. 

 Your child’s Key Person will also compile an online learning journal using the ‘Famly’ app, which we can tell you more about during your pre-visit.  This is a record of your child’s independent work.  We warmly welcome and encourage you to upload or bring in and share photos, drawings or experiences your child has had at home, to be recorded in the online journal using the Famly app.


When can I speak to the Key Person?

Your child’s Key Person (Class Teacher or Early years Practitioner) will be available for quick queries in the mornings, but after the end of the session we will have more time to deal with any concerns. If you would like to speak to a member of staff, please arrange a mutually convenient time. The Teacher, who takes overall responsibility, will be able to answer all questions, and will be doing the overall planning and assessments. We also hold parent meetings each term, in which you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Our Vision and Values:

McMillan is a family helping EVERY child to learn and grow!