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1st March 2022

Covid-19 Update:

We are following the current government guidelines.

We are no longer routinely testing for Covid-19 twice weekly. If a member of staff feels unwell and suspects that they have Covid-19, they will remain at home if not well enough to work. If they test positive for Covid-19 but have mild symptoms or are symptomless they are obliged to come to work.

We are still following the prescribed cleaning routines and sanitising toys and equipment to lessen contamination through equipment. Children are expected to sanitize their hands or wash their hands with soap and water when they arrive at nursery, after using the toilet and before eating food (following good hygiene practices).

Children with Covid-19: Should your child feels unwell, please keep them at home as they will need to rest and recuperate. Once they are well enough to return to nursery, they are welcome to attend again. For further information please see our guidance for when children are unwell. (Illness and absence policy)


For the latest COVID-19 updates, please ensure you have downloaded the McMillan App

This will allow us to send urgent messages directly to your mobile phone.


Please download any of the following documents.

 Covid-19 Update 1st March 2022 .pdfDownload
 5th January 2022 Covid Update.pdfDownload
 Covid -19 Risk assesment Reviewed Sept 2021.pdfDownload
 Outings_Activities for website 2 .pdfDownload
 People who help us - ideas for parents_ Feb 2021.pdfDownload
 Fitness challenge.pdfDownload
 Shopping List Template.pdfDownload
 McMillan Early Childhood Centre risk assessment January 2021.pdfDownload
 COVID 19 Detailed Risk Assessment January 2021.pdfDownload
 The Big Little Book Corner.pdfDownload
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