McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place

Judge Heath Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2PD

02085 734427

Second Term

(2 Year Old fund Nursery)



  • Continue to develop the skills to work cooperatively with others
  • Develop the ability to share equipment and take turns
  • Become more confident in communicating using gestures or language with their key worker and other adults
  • Gain confidence in communicating with their peers
  • Gain more confidence in communicating with others in their home language and in English
  • Know who their key worker is and which story group they attend
  • Use a wider vocabulary to describe and communicate their needs and ideas
  • Continue to develop the confidence to say, “NO!” assertively with words or/and gestures
  • Continue to develop positive social relationships with their peers
  • Develop a broader interest in the outside and indoor environments
  • Become more independent following routines
  • Take more responsibility for their own self-care (toileting, hanging up coats, washing hands etc.)
  • Begin to develop the skills to be socially competent within a small group
  • Develop play-joining skills to interact positively with their peers
  • Begin to discriminate and name sounds in the environment
  • Begin to develop more control over their large body movements
  • Begin to develop finer coordinated use of muscles e.g. pincer grip etc.
  • Develop the confidence to risk-take and manage their own risks
  • Begin to use a wider mathematical vocabulary in their play
  • Begin to develop a sense of awe and wonder
  • Explore a wider range of media, art resources and music


  • Dual language books can be borrowed by the children
  • Attention Hillingdon offered to children who require a visual programme to make links in language
  • Social skills group for children who find it difficult to take turns and share
  • Practitioners scaffold children’s language – build on their understanding and broaden children’s exposure to new vocabulary
  • Encourage children to make broader choices
  • Trips to local places of interest in our minibus