McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place

Judge Heath Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2PD

02085 734427

First Term

(2 Year Fund Nursery)



  • Separate successfully from their parent or main carer
  • Develop and form attachments outside their immediate family
  • Begin to engage in using the equipment available
  • Begin to learn how to work cooperatively with others
  • Begin to learn how to share equipment and take turns
  • Begin to develop the confidence to communicate using gestures or language with their key worker and other adults
  • Begin to communicate with their peers
  • Begin to feel more comfortable in communicating with others in their home language and/or in English
  • Develop their vocabulary in English
  • Begin to develop positive social relationships with their peers
  • Begin to take an interest in their environment
  • Explore their environment using all their senses
  • Develop their curiosity
  • Enjoy and want to come to nursery
  • Begin to gain the confidence to make their needs known to their key worker or other adults


  • Practitioners visit child’s home
  • Open Day for children to visit us
  • Key workers develop strong relationships with individual children in order to develop secure attachments at school
  • Practitioners will act in loco parentis to contain children’s emotions and keep them safe
  • All About Me questionnaire so that we know a child’s likes, interests & dislikes
  • Settling–in is gradual for those who have separation anxieties
  • Establishment of at least one comfortable relationship with an adult will support communication in the wider sense
  • Language of sharing is used to support children to take turns using equipment
  • Adults model communication skills and support play-joining strategies to support children to make friendships
  • Small group sessions for stories to support children in feeling that they belong
  • Practitioners who speak other languages to support those who are new to English (small story groups or working individually with children)
  • Practitioners modelling simple language and building on children’s vocabulary
  • Activities developed from the children’s interests