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We are an inclusive setting with many years of expertise working with children who have special needs or disabilities.  We are able to provide

additional support to your child so that they can access the curriculum.  Some of the interventions we provide to support your child in their

learning and access to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum are as follows:


Attention Hillingdon

This highly visual programme supports children who are on the Autistic spectrum and have little or no understanding of language.  The children

will regularly attend a session where they will learn to engage in a series of visual activities.  Simple language is used to illustate what is happening

e.g. the umbrella game: where a child sits under an open umbrella with drops of water being sprinkled from above will hear the words,

"Drip, drip, drip," and will begin to associate the word with the actions.  This programme makes the language link for children.  


The children will also learn to sit and pay attention as well as participation in a small group.  They will have opportunities to take turns and will

also begin to transfer the knowledge they have into activities in the main nursery.  We have found that over time the children who attend this

group begin to use words in context. 


Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

When a child is unable to understand spoken language and is unable to speak, communication has no meaning.  PECS is a means of exchange and

is taught to these children.  It enables a child who does not speak to request an item.  This may be a toy, an activity or a food item.  


A communication folder is also used and visual timetables may be used when a child needs support to make wider choices.  When a child is ready

they may use their communication folders to engage in a Now and Next routine where they are expected to engage in an adult-led activity

followed by a reward for the child.


Social Skills Group

This is a small group participation of up to four children and an adult.  It helps encourage children to take turns, use simple language to share, to

maintain focus for up to three simple activities, to wait their turn and also successfully achieve their own goals.


McMillan Family Group

This group is open to all parents.  Parents are able to discuss any issues that they may have with their children e.g. sleeping, eating, behaviour, learning difficulties etc.  Parents can join this group and a creche is provided.  There is an expectation to attend for at least six sessions in order to get the best from the group. 


ASD Support Group

If your child has had a diagnosis of Autism and you would like to attend our support group, you can speak to Yvonne or Nicola and join in our group.  You will receive support and signposting to additional services that may be available for your child.  You can discuss your worries and any needs in a professional and confidential meeting.  Where there are issues in behaviour management at home we can provide support and advice in your home as well as helping you to manage unwanted behaviour in a positive way.  


Sensory Room 

Our sensory room is a special room designed to develop a child's senses, usually through special lighting, music, and objects.

Sensory equipment can help develop key life skills including vocalisation, gross motor skills, colour recognition and tracking.