McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place

Judge Heath Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2PD

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Ludmila Morris - Headteacher
Ludmila Morris - Headteacher
Diwali Feast Oct 2019
Diwali Feast Oct 2019



At McMillan we encourage children to be independent and self-motivated learners. We believe that every child is individual and has their own areas of strength. Our approach is to nurture young children and provide opportunities for them to explore and learn through real experiences and play. We support children to achieve in the seven areas of learning following the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum as our guiding principle. When children come to us, we support them to become more rounded individuals through developing their skills in sharing, communication and making strong and positive relationships with each other and the staff team. We recognise that every child is unique and may need support in different areas to grow and achieve. With this in mind we look at children’s starting points and will help them to achieve good outcomes. We are supportive of families and work closely with parents to support children through any difficulties that may arise as they develop.

Our Nursery (for over 3s) has been running since 1950. We have been awarded OUTSTANDING by Ofsted since 2006. Please see Ofsted reports below;

 OFSTED REPORT - 23.11.2021.PDFDownload
 OFSTED REPORT - 25.04.2006.pdfDownload
 OFSTED REPORT - 21.09.2016.pdfDownload
 OFSTED REPORT - 10.05.2012.pdfDownload
 OFSTED REPORT - 15.05.2000.pdfDownload
 OFSTED REPORT - 09.02.2009.pdfDownload
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We are a child - centred Nursery and value young children as individuals with their own needs and interests. We believe that children learn best through play. PLAY IS THE WORK OF THE CHILD.

At McMillan your child will learn to share and to co-operate with other children, to be good listeners and to talk to adults and peers with increasing confidence. They will develop their knowledge and skills through practical and meaningful play-based experiences.

We are able to take children into the local community and have forged relationships with a local residential home where we provide opportunities for the young and old to work together sharing in an enjoyable activity. We are also able to take trips to local places of educational interest and visit places like Black Park, Northallah Fields, the Gudwara in Southall, Iver Garden Centre and local shops.


We believe in establishing a welcoming relationship with our children, parents and their families and our aim is to make children feel secure, happy and open to learning.

Ludmila Morris