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Why should my child attend regularly?

In general children who don't miss any days at nursery make strong relationships with their peers and adults and develop in all areas of learning. They usually adapt better to transitions, for example, going on trips in the minibus or when they transfer to their next school. Lots of absences or long periods away from nursery can be very unsettling and disrupt their educational achievements.

Can I send my child with a cold?

As long as your child has not got a high temperature or feeling lethargic, you can still bring them to school.  Your child will get colds and sniffles as they get used to mixing with a greater number of children. This process of illness will help to build up their immunity. Read our Illness & Absence Policy for more information.

Who should I speak to if I have any concerns?

In the first instance your child’s key person or room leader should be the first point of contact. Alternatively, please come and see a member of the management team. In the highly unlikely event that an issue is not addressed satisfactorily, we have a Complaints Procedure which outlines our escalation process. See our Policies page for more information.

What happens if we have concerns about your child?

If we have any concerns over the development of your child then we will discuss these with you on an informal basis. We would hope that together we can identify the appropriate help that may be needed. We may contact other professionals to seek additional support with your prior permission. The nursery will also assist in completing an assessment or referral if a child has additional needs. The earlier a child is diagnosed with a condition e.g. hearing loss or speech impairment, behavioural issues, dyslexia, dietary allergy etc, the earlier we can provide strategies to support them.

How do we deal with sickness and absence?

  • Sickness– we ask that you do not send your child to nursery if they are vomiting or have diarrhoea. If we have to contact you because your child is unwell we ask that you respond immediately. We operate a 24-hour exclusion policy after the last bout of diarrhoea or vomiting, as recommended by the Environmental Health Department.
  • Infections – if your child has an infectious disease e.g. chickenpox, we ask that they are completely free of infection before they return. Once all scabs have dried they are no longer infectious. We will accept advice from doctors or the NHS Direct. If your child is prescribed antibiotics, we operate a 48-hour exclusion policy. When they are well enough to return to nursery, we will be happy to carry on giving your child their prescribed antibiotic. Please remember if a child returns to nursery before they are fully fit, they may infect other children, or catch another infection because their immunity is low.
  • Medication – if your child is on a prescribed medication then we will be able to give this on your behalf, subject to you signing the medication consent form. If your child is asthmatic and uses an inhaler, then we will need a spare one, which is clearly labelled for nursery. We also ask for parents to complete a medical form and provide us with other relevant details. We really do ask for your co-operation over sickness and hope that you appreciate this.
  • Children with medical conditions - we may require a health care plan or training to ensure their medical needs are fully met.
  • Accidents in nursery – If your child has an accident whilst at nursery we will tell you what happened and what action was taken. You will be asked to sign the accident book. If the accident is of a serious nature you will be contacted immediately and the accident reported on our online system to be reviewed.
  • It is important to report your child's absence from nursery and explain the symptoms or reasons for their absence so that we can record this on our monitoring system.