McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place

Judge Heath Lane, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2PD

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Third Term (Under 3s)



  • Begin to develop emotional resilience and self-regulation (being able to recover from slight mishaps without needing the support of an adult)
  • Have the confidence to say, “No!” assertively with words or/and gestures
  • Develop strong emotional attachments to their peer group in the under 3s
  • Begin to understand their peers needs better and share equipment willingly
  • Begin to show a caring attitude towards their peers
  • Begin to focus for longer periods of time on a chosen activity or an interest
  • Confidence in initiating conversations with known adults and making requests
  • Take turns in simple shared dialogue
  • Ask and answer questions in relation to their learning
  • Become more deeply involved in learning opportunities
  • Begin to show a pride in personal achievements
  • Develop a self-awareness of their likes and dislikes
  • Begin to develop their fine motor control
  • Develop a readiness to transfer to the 3s classroom


  • Children sharing equipment more readily
  • Children developing their vocabulary
  • Children sustaining their interests for longer
  • A confidence in their approach to learning