McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place

A Caring Centre

It is extremely important to us that your child is happy at our Centre.  The staff team are well qualified and all have been DBS checked to ensure the health and safety of your child.  We put your child’s welfare at the forefront of the provision. All children are treated as individuals therefore we support any routines or particular requirements they may have. 

We expect parents to support their child in their transition to day care. In order for the transition from home to nursery to be as smooth as possible parents are expected to spend time in the Centre during their child's first week. In some cases the settling-in period may take longer. Parents need to be prepared to stay for two weeks before planning to go to work. This gives the opportunity for good relationships to become established between staff, the child and the parents. Although this period may seem long to parents, it ensures that the child is comfortable,  is familiar with their key worker and is beginning to trust the new surroundings and the people they encounter. When time is given to settling a child comfortably, they will be less likely to be traumatised by the process.