McMillan Early Childhood Centre

All needs met for children under 5 years in one place



When your child is comfortable at nursery we may take a trip to a place of interest in our minibus.  Your child will enrich their experience of the world with a small group of friends.  We often find that the trip in our minibus may be the gateway to your child communicating with us.  Some children are very quiet when they are at nursery.  When they see familiar landmarks they will excitedly tell us about them, for example, "That's where I go with daddy to the park."

All our minibus drivers take a driving test every four years (MIDAS) and have certificates that qualify them to drive the bus safely.  Each seat has adjustable seat belts as well as booster seats and car seats for the children.  We will take a small group of about 8 children and three adults and will visit places like Black Park, The Bunny Park, Sainsbury, Southall shops, The Gudwara, Northalla Fields and the canal.